1.1 This regulation governs the entry to the track, and the use of   

      the facilities by third parties.

1.2 The table of rates, times and any other rules issued by the    

      Directorate and promptly communicated and / or displayed on 

      the track are an integral part of this Regulation.

1.3 Violators of these regulations must compensate persons    

      otherwise damaged as a result of these transgressions
      and / or their insurance companies.

1.4 Any damage done to the track and its facilities by persons,        

      vehicles, radio-controlled cars will have to be compensated
      the holder of the track by managers and / or their insurance    


2.Enter the track

2.1 The entry of persons permitted in the following cases: 
      a) Persons in possession of a personal insurance (which  

      includes the modeling industry);
      b) For members with annual subscription;
      c) People with day pass;
      d) are not allowed children under the age of 14 who are not     

      accompanied. It is forbidden to bring dogs or other animals;

2.2 The 'entry to vehicles in the parking lot is permitted in the   

      following cases:
      a) for vehicles of competitors and team followers, provided that  

      the means must be parked only in places indicated;
      b) vehicles carrying accessories, provided that they also have to  

      stop only at the places specified;

2.3 in the parking lot to keep speeds below 30 kph.

2.4 The persons and vehicles allowed in the park are required to      

      comply with the flower beds, crops, trees, plants, not to enter the

      precincts in which they have no right of access, to observe the

      prohibitions marked internally, to comply with the directives given

      by the staff of the track.

3.Use of the facilities

3.1 The plant is reserved for use modellisto (radio-controlled cars   

      of different scales).

3.2 You can not go to the track with no means of transport  

      (bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, quads etc).

3.3 Who leaves finally the system is required to close the gate.

3.4 All must behave in a civil and polite (eg leaving the system in    


3.5 For any failure or damage reported within the system must be  

      reported to the management.

3.6 During the course of events, competitions, exhibitions can access

      the system only those directly involved (Pilots, mechanics,  


3.7 The track and other facilities can be licensed, limited periods  

      and times established by the Management, compliance with this   

      Regulation and the payment of fees in connection to one of the   

      following purposes:
      a) course of events (sports, technical or otherwise, whether for  

      competition or not) and evidence of;
      b) evidence of sports, technical or otherwise;

3.8 The concession referred to in paragraph 3.7 may be denied by   

       the Department, in its discretion, and without prior justification.

3.9 As regards the use of the runway is covered by the provisions   

      of this Regulation.

6.Sports competitions

6.1 The competitions will take place on weekdays and holidays.

6.2 The rules of the competition will have been previously submitted

       to the Department which reserves the right to impose the    

       adoption, at the expense of the organizers, those measures that  

       it deems, in its opinion necessary for security.

6.3 The competitions are subject to the regulations of the respective

      sports federations.


7.1 The Department may at any time withdraw the

       subscription daily if there is a breach of the rules.

8.Opening track

8.1 The use of the track is allowed every day except the days of  

       racing, events etc, see 3.6.

8.2 Each time you enter the track / facility must notify Mauro with a  

      phone call or sms to 3388205821

8.3 The hours are as follows:
       a) morning from 09:00 to 12:30
       b) afternoon from 14:30 to 19:30

8.4 Outside of these hours must maintain the utmost quiet as   

      possible (do not turn on the engine, radio at low volume, etc.).

8.5 In the event of closure of the track will be indicated on the site   

      and / or the board itself.

 The Management

Ongaro Ring